'I first heard her beautiful, unique vocal tone and style way back when, with Moodphase5ive. I've always hoped for an opportunity to work with her. We started communicating about a collaboration, while she was still living in Germany- and when we finally got to do 'Flow', it was like old friends sharing a mutually coveted meal. It just felt right...she's a magnificent Artist and I look forward to more sharing.'- Gabriel Gabi Le Roux (Composer / Producer / Multi-Instrumentalist)

'I first heard Ernestine with Moodphase5ive, almost 20 years ago. She was then, and is still, the 'real thing'- a mix of natural talent, authenticity, passion and purpose. A gem in the Cape Town, South African and global music space.' Barry van Zyl (drummer (Johnny Clegg), producer)

'Wow. I've known of Ernestine for some time now. Have watched some of her videos on YouTube and even had the privilege of attending a rehearsal with her new (ALL WOMEN!) band. But none of that prepared me for her live show at The Alma as part of the #CTFringe Festival. It was so raw, so sensual, so deeply moving. So much more than just a concert, a show, a performance. It was testimony - to struggle, pain, love, earth and our humanity. I was moved to tears by the grace and intimacy. I smiled with joy at the playfulness and communion. Thank you, Ernestine, that was unforgettable.' George Gabriel (audience member)

'Ernestine's authentic presence brings a powerful musical message - a catalyst for love and courage to birth a new humanity despite the pains and struggles of our diverse fragmented history. Ernestine's spiritual integrity authentically flows from her and her all women band like a relentless river that energises hope and desire for a new day to rise through all we've gone though as a fragmented unequal separated South African community.'
Howard Goodman (audience member)

'Ernestine Deane’s voice has always made me travel to wondrous places. Throughout the years she has continued to be a beacon of inspiration to me as a singer and I’m so grateful for the role she has played and continues to play in the South African and international music scene.' Zolani Mahola (singer- Freshlyground)

'Your music and the soul in it might just be the best thing that has happened to me this year. Thanks for sharing yourself and your gift so generously in this world. Just what the world needs - healing, a soul connection, a touch of Light and re-centering.' - A. October (audience member)

'Ticket price doesn't begin to cover what every one of these incredible musicians puts into the performance. It's not a show, it's a prayer. It's a journey. It's a gift. Brought me to tears. Just exquisite.' - V. Venter (audience member)

'Ernestine’s voice and singing spirit is the face of love in the world'. -Michael Weeder (poet and dean of St. George’s cathedral)

'This woman, sings to my soul! Wow...just wow...words cannot describe the power this Goddess brings, and how she connects us all in the power of her music, what a humbling and inspiring experience.' - R. Jacobs (audience member)

'Ernestine is a true artist in every sense of the word, from her story telling to her beautiful Angelic voice that touches the soul and leaves you filled with such appreciation for this earth we live in.' - D. Herringer (audience member)

'Ernestine Deane is a Capetonian musical institution in and of herself. I am today, more than two decades later, still in awe of her and her work. She has a uniquely dexterous voice, massive range not only in pitch but also projection, style, texture, phrasing and the capacity to emote and take audiences with her. And she is an exceptionally skilled improviser. I love working with her. She touches me deeply, every time.' - Adrian Brand (musician- Springbok Nude Girls)

'She is one of our country's biggest talents and gets music on levels that most of us can only dream of.' - Gerald Clarke (singer/ songwriter)